Youth Sailing of Indian River County, Inc.

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Speaker 0: it's because, uh, we all came from the sea. We have salt in our blood and our sweat and our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it, we are going back from whence we came.
Speaker 1: What we're developing is a high school sailing team.
Speaker 2: Sailing is so universal. Anybody can do it. They can start from not knowing anything at all, but once they get it, they never want to leave.
Speaker 1: When, when the kids first come from the high school, they haven't experienced a lot on the water. We put them in a boat. We send them out there on their own. Uh, they learn these skills pretty quickly because, because they have to.
Speaker 2: The best part about sailing is the exhilarating feeling of being out on the water. You have total control of the boat. There's no motor, there's no, there's no guide. There's no electronics. It's just full power in your hands and no one can take that away from you.
Speaker 3:Just the whole rush of it all. It's just crazy to be honest.
Speaker 4: When you at your maximum speed, there's really no feeling like it. You're flying across the water and you just feel free and independent.
Speaker 1: This is an opportunity for kids to get on the water, learn how to sail, and then hone their skills into racing.
Speaker 2: It's, it's a priceless feeling mostly because there's nothing that can keep you from doing something like this.
Speaker 1: The kids have a passion for this, they liked to do it and they're willing to put the time in and they will bond with other kids from high schools to participate in our program. They become a team together. They learn together.
Speaker 2: Just in this program, I've met so many people that I probably wouldn't have met if I hadn't been here. And we built such strong relationships. Not only is, uh, being in the boat, but as friends and, uh, doing something that we all like.
Speaker 3: there's no cliques. It doesn't seem like here with the sailing team
Speaker 2: you know, we're all out here. We come from different areas. We come from different places and we just, we started out the same way.
Speaker 3: Once you get out here on the water, you're pretty much like family.
Speaker 2: It's a part of me. It's always going to be a part of me. It's part of everyone here.
Speaker 1: It's the type of sport that, uh, that you'll remember all your life because you gained confidence from doing it. You're a team working together. And uh, for a lot of people it can be a lifetime avocation that they, that they love.